Blessed Recall #2

Blessed Recall #2


  1. How did Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel meet? Daniel 1
  • Daniel and his friends refused to eat the king’s portion of meat.
  • Daniel requested a test period of ten days to eat vegetables instead of meat.
  • After the ten days, the king requested to see all of the new candidates
  • King Nebuchadnezzar found Daniel and his friends ten times better than the others.
  • Other.
2. What was Daniel’s second encounter with Nebuchadnezzar? Daniel 2:1-45
  • Along with all the wise men, Daniel was about to be killed.
  • Again Daniel requested time to inquire of God to help the king know his dream.
  • Daniel gives credit to God for being the revealer of mysteries.
  • Daniel reveals the king’s dream to him with much detail.
  • Other.
3. How did Nebuchadnezzar respond to Daniel’s interpretation of the dream? Daniel 2:46-49
  • He bowed before Daniel and paid homage to him.
  • He commanded that an offering and incense for Daniel.
  • He gave high honors and gifts to Daniel.
  • He made him ruler over the province of Babylon and chief prefect.
  • Daniel remained in the king’s court.
4. How did Peter and Cornelius meet? Acts 10:1-43
  • Cornelius had a vision of an angel who told him to send for Peter in Joppa.
  • Peter also had a vision about unclean foods and that men were coming to seek him to take him to Cornelius.
  • Cornelius was ready to hear the gospel when Peter arrived at his house.
  • Other.
5. What was the result of this encounter? Act 10:44-48
  • The Holy Spirit fell on those present.
  • They spoke in tongues and praised God.
  • They got baptized.
  • Peter remained with Cornelius and the people for “some days.”


You never know what situations you may find yourself in.  Your place in life right now may not be what you desire. Daniel was in Babylon, away from his family, country, and community against his will. Yet, Daniel saw how God could turn his exile into a ministry opportunity. Daniel faced death on multiple occasions. When he and his friends refused to eat the king’s food, they risked their lives but went against the prescribed diet. When a death decree goes out against all the wise men in Babylon, Daniel intervenes and asks for time to know the dream and its interpretation. Later on, Daniel’s friends face the death penalty when thrown in the fiery furnace, and later on, Daniel, under a new king, faces the lion’s den. Every situation seems to be the opposite of a “blessed” life. Yet, we have the book of Daniel because Daniel lived a long, productive life. He never was ever to live again in his homeland. He lived his life in exile as a counselor to kings and subjects alike. All the while faithfully representing God.

What’s your Babylon?

Similarly, compelled by a vision and an angel, Peter presents himself before a gentile soldier. Going into Cornelius’ house was out of Peter’s comfort zone. This visit was necessary for Peter’s spiritual growth as it was for Cornelius’ salvation. God’s purpose for Peter was to expand the disciple’s understanding of his mission beyond racial and ethnic boundaries.

These encounters stretch our beliefs about how God works through us for the salvation of others. Going where God sends us or where we end up works for our own salvation too.


As you go, you grow even when you don’t want to go—going to Babylon against your will or going to Cornelius’ house. God has given us a vision that no one is “unclean” and that we are not to call “common” what he has called clean. It’s not up to us who we get to minister to, so God puts us in places and situations to be present and use our influence for God’s glory.

  • Your workplace may seem like Babylon.
  • Your boss may be a Nebuchadnezzar.
  • Some of the people you are in charge of are unbelievers.
  • Dare to be like Daniel.

God gives you a vision that changes your perspective about other people. Then he sends you to practice your tolerance by putting you in front of others you consider inferior. God will save you in the process of saving others.

So GO, and in the meantime, you will GROW, and you’ll see God change lives through you.

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