The Support Cast

The Advent Journey: The Supporting Cast

Read Matthew 2; Luke 2:21-40
  1. What are some events that took place when the Wisemen encountered Jesus?
    • Herod wanted to murder Jesus (Matt. 2:13)
    • The Wisemen were told by God to not listen to Herod (Matthew 2:12)
    • The Wisemen tricked the king, not reporting to him on where Jesus was.
    • They followed a star to get to Jesus
    • They bowed and worshipped Jesus
    • Joseph had a dream to escape from their place.
    • Other.
  2. What can we notice in Simeon’s circumstance during his encounter with Jesus?
    • He was promised to see the Messiah before he died
    • The Spirit led him to the temple to see Jesus.
    • Simeon proclaimed praise to Jesus.
    • He said Jesus would be the cause of many who will rise and fall.
    • He was said to be righteous.
    • Other.
  3. What can we notice in Anna’s circumstances in her encounter with Jesus?
    • She is a widow. She was married for only 7 years.
    • She was 84 years old.
    • She is a prophet.
    • Never left the temple.
    • She worshipped God with fasting and prayer.
    • She told her story to everyone waiting for the Messiah after her encounter.
    • Other.
  4. Herod found out of the city where Jesus was born, how did he get that answer?
    • The Wisemen announced that they were looking for Jesus.
    • He called in teachers of the law and chief priests
    • They used scripture to support their answer. (Micah 2:6)
    • The priests’ and teachers’ answer was all that we heard from them in the story.
    • Other.

The Advent of Christ in this story can be about the characters’ behavior. When we have our experiences with Jesus, we can practice how the appropriate characters conducted themselves with their encounter with the Messiah. Of course, we may not want to be like King Herod, but it is important to see the examples of the others who played a role in the passage.

The Wisemen can be like those who were actively seeking Christ. They have heard of the Messiah being born and would be on the lookout for Jesus, going to different locations to find Him. Though King Herod wanted the Wise Men to report back to him, they did not listen to his instruction. Instead, they would listen to the warning that God gave them in a dream. They set the example on listening to God’s will and principles rather than what the world suggests.
The priests and the teachers seem to have given in to what King Herod demanded. Their response is opposite to how the Wise Men reacted when the King gave a command. Let us not be like the priests and teachers of the law and avoid thinking twice before deciding to follow the desires that the world throws at us.

We have noticed that the prophets glorified the Lord and made it a point to display this sense of true accomplishment. When we have a moment of finding Jesus in the circumstances we get into, the story reveals a true accomplishment behind our encounter with Christ in whatever situation we find ourselves. We are to rejoice in all the Jesus moments that we experience, for it has revealed to be the most significant goal for us to triumph. The prophets had that behavior, so we can be encouraged to do the same.

When we undergo life’s everyday affairs, we can learn to be like the Wise Men when we approach the opportunity to explain our endeavors. In Matthew 2:2, we see that the Wise Men announced their reason as to why they have been on their feet trying to look for the newborn baby, who is to be the Messiah. That explanation is key to why they behave with much desire in their quest.

When we are looking to complete our goals in life, we are first to have a reason that we can say is inspired by God and His principles.
Then, when the opportunity presents itself, we give our reasoning for our endeavors. We explain that we want to encounter Jesus. Similarly, the Wise Men and the prophets had Christ as their reason.

We have this excellent opportunity to bring Jesus to more of our conversations this holiday season that we can confidently declare that Jesus is the reason for the season.

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