March 6
March 27
April 24
May 29

6:30-8:30 PM
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$25 per session
$85 If you prepay for all four sessions
Limited seating
Cookbooks will also be available for sale.
Night 1: Breakfast: Start Right
Night 2: Healthy Ideas for Lunch
Night 3: Dinners Made Easy
Night 4: International Cooking
Kylee was born and raised in Oregon, but once she hit college she was all over the place trying to find her passion. Since 2010, that passion has been in health & wellness, and sharing nutrition with those her my community. She began by giving vegan cooking classes at a Whole Foods Market in California. She had absolutely no experience in teaching a cooking class, but for some reason she was inspired to start teaching cooking. It turned out they were the highest attended classes that were offered. This is where her passion began.
Cooking classes, nutrition lectures, selling health books door-to-door, studying health with people, going into people’s homes and teaching them how to cook, making recipes, writing blogs, making cooking videos on Youtube, personal health consultations, author, and a Registered Dietitian. These are all things she has done since her passion began. It is a passion that has taken her all over the World.
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