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I’m putting this together so that everyone has an easy to reference page for our online sabbath school recordings and zoom conference links. The latest videos will show up to the right, and I’ll include the info for joining the Sabbath School Zoom class. There’s no password, just click the link and join us each Sabbath at 9am!

Topic: Pastor Howell’s Sabbath School – Carmichael SDA

Time: 9 AM, Sabbath Morning

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Week 1 – The Remnant in Revelation

Week 2 – The Remnant – Interview with Dr. Paulien from LLU

Week 3 – Influenza and the 1919 Bible Conference – Interview with Dr. Michael Campbell

Week 4 – Intro to Sabbath School Quarterly – “How to Interpret the Bible” – with Pastor Keith and Greg Howell

Week 5 – “The Origin and Nature of the Bible” – With Pastor Keith and Greg Howell – Plus Online Discussion

Week 6 – Jesus and the Apostles’ View of Scripture

Week 7 – The Bible as the Authoritative Word of God

Week 8 – Sola Scriptura and Adventism

Week 9 – Why is Interpretation Important? Interview with Dr. Michael Hasel, Co-author of Adult S.S. Quarterly

Week 10 – Historical Interpretations of Genesis with Dr. John Reeve