My goal as a pastor at Carmichael SDA Church is to help you grow as a follower of Jesus until you are able to help the people around you follow him.

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One of the main ways that we grow to become like Jesus is by prayerfully reading the Bible.  To help facilitate this becoming a daily practice for you we have a daily Bible reading combined with our STEP Bible Reading / Journaling plan.  To get a daily text Monday-Friday at 7:30 AM with our chapter for the day, send a text to the number 56316 with the word STEP. We are currently going through the book of Psalms Monday – Thursday and each Friday looking at the scripture that week’s sermon will be focusing on.

Check out our STEP Bible Reading / Journaling plan introduction video below.


Caleb Henry is the Discipleship and Outreach Pastor here at Carmichael SDA Church since 2013.