We are creating a page with family resources for working through the Covid-19 Quarantine. We will have family worship guides. And other things here to hopefully bring some silver linings to this difficult experience. This is not a CDC resource page, but meant to hopefully deepen your discipleship relationship with Jesus. Please make sure to sign up for our email and text communications (Found on the home page) as well as downloading our church app.


Family Worship Sheet March 21

Faith in Isolation

Read Acts 12:1-19 (Maybe act it out as a family together and make a movie!)

Small Group Questions:

1. What has imprisonment at home felt like to you? Is that what you would call what has happened this week? Could you maybe imagine house arrest now?

2. What can we do from our house to make sure that the message of Jesus is still proclaimed strong?

3. What do you notice about the Angel’s words to Peter in jail? How does he take care of Peter?

4. Do you think it felt like a dream to Peter? Look at v.11 is there a story where you might have missed the Hand of God working in your life? How will your family be more aware of God working even through this difficult experience?

5. A favorite in this story is Rhoda. I love that she recognized Peters voice and had faith that it was him! How can we better recognize the voice of our loved ones? However she didn’t recognize his need. How can we better recognize the need of our loved ones?


Isolated Neighbor Card Downloadable

The idea for this card is to print it out and take it to your neighbors. Please make sure to keep social distancing. If you have a neighbor in need and feel comfortable helping this can perhaps be a good resource. Fill you your contact info at the top of the card. Also if you are able to help a neighbor we’d love to hear about it!

Jr. High and Youth Bingo Card (Week 1) Click to Save to your computer and post pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to tag #carmyth