For the month of October we will be supporting three different ministries. Each year for the past 5 years we have participated in the National Make a Difference weekend. It is our believe that we should not just be in our community we should be doing things for our community and truly make a difference. This fall we have adopted three projects some local, some international, but each has a key element that is a part of our local community.

A Roof


Homeless and poverty is a big challenge in our community and our church feels called to help. This year, working with a local coalition of churches we are helping remodel a local home that will be used as transient housing. Our congregations’ piece of this project is putting a roof on this home. We estimate the cost of the roof to be $5000. You can click the button below to make a donation towards this project.

A Well

Our church as a intimate connection with Maranatha International. Based right up the road in Roseville, we have members who work at Maranatha and we have even more who have participated in Domestic and International Mission Trips through Maranatha. As we focus on missions and our community this month we feel its important to think of our global community as well. That is what we are sponsoring the cost of one well through Maranatha. These wells provide life to villages around the world through water. This project is estimated to cost $10,000. Click the button at the bottom of the page to make a donation.


A School

A few weeks ago we also discovered a ministry that challenged us to do something. Some friends of our church introduced us to a project in India where indentured servitude is still prevalent. You’ve probably heard about it on the news and wondered what you could do to help. The organization we are partnering with has found a solution. If students can pass a 7th grade equivalency exam then they can get out of the servitude much more quickly and not force their children to also work. So we are helping build a school for these students and staff a teacher for one year. The cost is $4500. This will help these students who are forced day in and day out to make bricks to have hope of a better future.




To donate click the button below and log in to the giving website. Click on More Categories-Show All and “Roof”, “Well”, and “School” are at the end of the list. Thanks for your generosity.