What does Bags of Love do?

Over the last fifteen years, the Bags of Love ministry at Carmichael Seventh Day Adventist church has provided necessities and comfort items to children in crisis.  Because children are vulnerable, especially when removed from their normal lives, a Bag of Love provides a sense of security and hope. Each child is given something that is his/her very own to hang onto as a security blanket,  while at the same time providing him/her with age appropriate necessities such as clothing, toiletries, and toys. Our goal is to provide hope for each child during their time of crisis.

Through this ministry, the members of Carmichael Seventh-day Adventist church have been able to address the immediate physical and emotional needs of thousands of children who have passed through the Sacramento Area Children’s Receiving Home.

What is in a Bag of Love?

Each Bag of Love contains essential items of immediate need and is age and gender appropriate for each child. The contents of the bag provide a diversion from the scary time they find themselves in as well as comfort with the quilt and stuffed animal in each bag. By partnering with our organization, you will make a direct impact on the children in our community. We look forward to working together to fill this need.

For more info or to volunteer to help please contact ministry leader Lois Wade via email. lois@melwade.com