carmsda-2Carmichael Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrates, grows, and serves as we live the love of Jesus. That’s our mission. That’s our purpose in the Carmichael community. Our vision is for you to join us and share in our enthusiasm in proclaiming the gospel to our community in a relevant and meaningful way.

The Carmichael Church has been called into discipleship, which is expressed in many ways, as you will experience here. By the gifting power of Jesus we are instructed to move beyond only the hearing of His words and into doing.

When we celebrate, there is a holy joy in knowing Him. When we grow, we enjoy a holy learning and experience Him. When we serve, we feel a holy love that results in giving to Him and others.

These are spiritual realities that come into a life filled with the love of Jesus. By His grace this is our desire: To be about our Father’s business. We welcome you to the mission. His mission. We are so glad you have heard His call.